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* 10_social_science_sa2_unsolved_05
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* 11_geography_impq_10_atmospheric_circulation_and_weather_system_hindi
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* 2015_10_sp_mathematics_sa2_unsolved_04
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* 2015_10_sp_sst_sa2_cbse
* PE Curr. 2014-15 (Class XI)
* PE Curr. 2014-15 (Class XII)
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* Seminar on Energy audit and BEE starrating by Earth NGO 20-11-14
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About School

H.D. Public School Bahu Akbarpur established in 2005, is run & managed by B.R.N. Education Society, Bahu Akbarpur. The school is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. It is spread over 4 acres of land and has magnificent building for students with attractive gardens and vast playgrounds. It has an ideal teacher taught ratio and high quality latest infrastructure.

The school aims to create a learning environment and a relationship among the children, the teachers and parents, which is supportive, affectionate and empowers the child to grow into a competent, confident, hardworking and socially responsible citizen. Read More...

HD School

H: Home of joyous learning
A: Arise and awake for harbinger
R: Rediscover thyself in the new millenium
I: Invent the present for a bright future
D: Dedicate and offer the entire to the mankind
A: Amalgamate the best from nook and corner
S: Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktya (Education is that liberates)
S: Surging towards Man Making Education

S: Senior and junior alike hand in hand together
S: Secondary is none, all versatile and Genius

S: Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram (Truth, Devine, Beauty)
C: Citadel of Sublime ideals, repertoire of Knowledge
H: Heralding an era of educational Excallence
O: Offer a philanthropic Moral Percept
O: Of making the planet a Global Village
L: Let noble thoughts come to us from All Sides

Director's Desk

H.D Public School is an educational institute that aims and holistic growth of the children, Prepare them for excellence future. The school is my dream institute which would cater the needs of new generation, who would be future of Read More...

Principal Desk

Dear Students, I strongly believe removing the darkness from a mind and fill it with the brightening light is the god-given job for me.

Education to our school means the overall grooming of child where he or she comes as a society. I affirm my faith in the universal brotherhood of mankind. Read More...

Our Vision & Mission

The motto of the school is “ Truth, Trust and Triumph”. A deep sense of patriotism, loyality to the mother land, value of all culture and the need for practical ethics in public life will be included in them from the time of joining.


Recent Activities

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